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Consider This: Metallic Foil Inks

Looking for an alternative to foil board this Holiday? Consider metallic foil inks to achieve shiny sophistication without the hefty price tag.

Reduce Your Kit Footprint

By altering the finished size of POP materials, you can reduce your kit footprint without sacrificing components.

Get More Bang For Your Print Buck

By utilizing interchangeable signage and multi-functional displays in stores, you can get more bang for your print buck without sacrificing quality or customer interaction.

6 Budget-Friendly Design Tips from Imagine! Structural Designers

We understand not every in-store display gets the Cadillac treatment. Sometimes the cost-efficient, yet dependable Honda is the best choice. We offer you a range of treatments, never sacrificing the wow-factor you’re looking for.

Time for a Pallet Makeover with Imagine! Base Wrap

It's time to give your pallets a makeover! We've taken pallet wrap out of the dark ages, applied some technology to it, and made it easier for you to customize. Now you can have it your way, when you want it, and how you want it.

Challenge Accepted: Hassle-Free, Budget-Friendly Dimension for Destination Maternity

A retailer for all things parenthood, Destination Maternity was in search of a new and budget-friendly way to spruce up a new department in their retail stores.

Case Study: Replicating Reality

Fashion retailer, Chico’s, has partnered with Imagine! Print Solutions for years, always coming to us first with their toughest projects. This time around they had a specific vision and knew Imagine! could pull it off.

Be Mod.

Your stores and locations are different, and your promotions vary. What if you could have one temporary display with interchangeable sections?

Reengineer and Reap the Benefits

Work with your print supplier to reengineer your marketing programs to improve in multiple areas, including: in-store execution, shipping, fulfillment, and simply just eliminating headaches and saving time on the planning side.

Create 3D, Ship 2D

Save money and ship your dimensional signage flat. At Imagine!, we consider the whole supply chain when engineering a product, not just the last checkpoint.