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Amplify Your Message through Illumination

Consumers place visual appearance as the most influential factor that goes into their shopping behavior. When used effectively, POP signage and displays will create an attention-grabbing impression of your brand and increase the sale of your product.

Command Attention with Signage Dimension

Giving a flat sign some depth by pushing it into the third dimension makes the entire element come to life.

Challenge Accepted: Dimensional Signage

Best Buy was looking for an eye-catching sign to promote its Star Wars merchandise during the release of the new Disney Star Wars movie.

Reduce Your Kit Footprint

By altering the finished size of POP materials, you can reduce your kit footprint without sacrificing components.

Get More Bang For Your Print Buck

By utilizing interchangeable signage and multi-functional displays in stores, you can get more bang for your print buck without sacrificing quality or customer interaction.

Challenge Accepted: Retail Theater

One of America’s largest grocery retailers came to Imagine! in search of a temporary floor display to be used for a seasonal marketing campaign. The display solution would be versioned across its various store banners and accommodate a variety of floorplans and featured products.

Get Creative: In-House Structural Design & Engineering

We have a team of structural engineers and designers who continually create eye-catching displays, engaging marketing materials, and signs with stopping-power; driving consumers to purchase.

6 Budget-Friendly Design Tips from Imagine! Structural Designers

We understand not every in-store display gets the Cadillac treatment. Sometimes the cost-efficient, yet dependable Honda is the best choice. We offer you a range of treatments, never sacrificing the wow-factor you’re looking for.

7 Tips to Consider when Designing a Physically and Visually Strong Structure

Here are a few tips from our expert designers that might inspire you when designing your next P.O.P. display.

4 Helpful Guidelines to Consider When Dropping Files to Prepress

To help maintain the flexible process we've perfected, we've listed four helpful guidelines for dropping files when working with your prepress partner. Because when the pre-production process is hiccup-free, the rest of your project goes smoother as well.