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Make a Big Impression with Store Design Elements

An effective store design creates a strong brand identity and can positively influence shopper behavior.

Activating the Impulse Buy

With only three seconds to capture a consumer’s attention with your message, a well-designed visual communications strategy can boost impulse purchases.

Pop-Ups Shape Consumer Journey

With careful planning and execution, pop-up storefronts are a valuable opportunity for brands to increase sales and reach target markets.

Enhance Product Placement

In the competitive retail market, it is crucial for stores to maintain a shopping environment that will attract customers and maximize sales.

Connecting P.O.P. to Shoppers’ Digital Habits

We're past the point where omni-channel strategies are seen as an option for brands. Now it's integral to success.

The “Point” of Your Point-of-Purchase Display

The “point” of point-of-purchase displays is to drive a “purchase.” Focus on getting the shopper to pick up your product and take it to the checkout.

Reimagine Retail Activation

The retail marketplace continues to be a very competitive landscape. Mobile, online and subscription-based shopping is uniquely influencing today’s consumer. However, with more than 75% of purchases being made in stores, the in-store experience dominates consumer behavior.

Drive In-Store Sales

Activate consumers in-store to buy more, come back in the near future to redeem an offer, or simply improve the brand experience.

Challenge Accepted: Promotional Activation Cards

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Starbucks to produce its Pick of the Week music give-a-way program.